Lewis Brown Griggs's NDE

March 11, 1977. There was an automobile crash. And at the moment of the impact my spirit left immediately and went flying up like a little tornado (that is the best metaphor I have) and immediately left behind the automobile and my body. The first feeling was such a joy, such a freedom and such a release that I wanted to share with all that I had just left who I loved and who loved me.

Now I am going through a tunnel that we hear about. At such speed! When I get out at the other end there is pure light. Pure light, love, truth, grace, peace, all consciousness, all knowingness. And I heard this voice saying "Lewis you was called here to have this conversation and to be sent back, because you're not doing your work." And as a response to it I said "I surrender... Take me... I'm yours... I will do your work." And I was told "No, it's not my work you have to do, its your work." And at that time I realized that I do have to do a work of love. And I was sent back down without any knowledge about how my life would change.

Lewis Brown Griggs, male

Was 28 years old when the NDE occurred

Cause of a clinical death: an automobile crash


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