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Martha Anne St. Claire lives in northern California where she had a profound NDE when she was twenty-three years old that changed her life and provided a prophetic glimpse into our planetary future. She also was born premature, nearly dying at birth, and she also had an experience at age seven. However the experience described in part below, was the most profound, as she recalls.

In 1974, while water-skiing with friends, she was out for her last run of the day. The waves were choppy and so rough that she was forced to let go of the tow rope. As she fell, the triangle piece of the tow rope wrapped around her left forearm, jerking her down harshly and dragging her behind the boat, just under the surface of the water. Her boyfriend was driving the boat, chatting and drinking beer with his friend who was supposed to be watching and wasn't. They didn't notice that Martha had fallen down. As she struggled to hold her breath, she felt her spirit rise out of her body and then could see her body just under the surface of the water, being dragged at high speed. She saw her two friends in the boat talking to each other, oblivious to what was happening to her. She also saw her four-year old son playing on the shore with other friends. Martha's spirit traveled into a dark tunnel where she could hear loud clicking sounds. She traveled fast toward the light at the other end, excited, feeling she was going someplace she had once been. She came out where there were flowers everywhere, brightly colored and gorgeous. Then she found herself in the universe surrounded by brilliant stars and planets all around her and into infinity. Although she couldn't see anything solid beneath her feet, she felt like she was standing on something and that she was home.

Suddenly, Martha found herself before Melchizedek. He didn't identify himself, but she recognized him and knew she had always known him. In the beautiful light that seemed like "liquid divine love", Martha experienced her true self, her full soul essence. "I felt free. It was wonderful seeing him! There are no words to describe my heavenly experience."

Melchizedek was bearded, stood eight or nine feet tall, wearing colors of forest green, rich burgundy, and gold on his velvet robe with a scarf covering his head and forehead. They communicated through thoughts. He said, "Are you ready to come?"

She exclaimed, "Already?" She felt that she had made a previous contract or agreement about her coming to earth and that he was aware of it. She knew it wasn't her time to die, that she hadn't accomplished all she had committed to do. She understood that souls on Earth had chosen Earth, their parents, the time to be here, lessons to be learned, and unique situations that was designed for each person's growth. She gained the understanding that we are not victims in the way we think we are; however, it takes great courage to be born on Earth, especially during this time. Above all, she knew we were given free choice.

Although Melchizedek let her know that she could stay in heaven and not return to earth, she panicked at the idea feeling like she had failed in some ways. She could see that there was more to do for her soul growth, helping others, and for her son. Melchizedek felt she was being too hard on herself.

She insisted that she wanted to go back. Then she was drawn toward a border that would lead her even more deeply into heaven, but knew if she passed through it, she couldn't return to Earth. She saw many other things, including in the distance, an entrance to a cave glowing with light that led into another dimension where people were studying and learning lots of information.

Concerning that dimension she states, "In that space you know all and have access to the mysteries of the universe and more." In another direction, she saw crystal-like buildings and temples with golden edges.

She saw that Earth was a difficult place to be, but there was a divine plan, and things would eventually be better. A twenty-year span between 1992 to 2012 was a time of great transition of the Earth in preparation for the dawning of the Millennium.

She understood that Mother Earth is alive and that surges of light are sent down to help heal her because she suffers from the pollution she is exposed to and also that the increments of light cause bizarre weather patterns, even if great transformation. She saw more frequent earthquakes, large tidal waves, a polar shift, and the ice caps breaking up and melting. She saw the Earth's surface changing, and many people dying, often in large numbers because they couldn't handle the intensity of vibration and its consequences and they chose to do die because their souls needed further growth in another sphere. In some cases, she saw people who had prepared themselves spiritually, were protected, while those around them died. However, she also saw that each soul chooses the time of death. She saw three days of darkness. She also understood that certain catastrophes could be lessened or delayed through the power of prayer.

She says we have spiritual amnesia, having forgotten the knowledge we possessed before birth; there is a higher consciousness for each of us and it is important that we connect with God through prayer and meditation to be awakened in our souls.

Melchizedek showed Martha what would happen if she chose to die. She saw the boat being stopped and her body being carried to shore where she was given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation without success. Her boyfriend was crying and she knew he would feel guilty for the rest of his life. She saw her son and knew she couldn't leave him yet. She didn't want certain others to suffer because of her untimely death and because she had spiritual work to do, she chose to return to Earth, even if she so wanted to stay in the wonderful light.

Martha found herself back in her body that had a will of its own, feeling stunned and weak in the river. Coughing and sputtering, she surfaced a distance from the stopped boat, and tried to yell, "Don't you see, I'm drowning out here?!" Yet, even with the rope deeply meshed in her injured arm, she was in a state of utter bliss and transformation.

As they reached shore, her son said, "What took you so long, Mommy? I thought you were never coming back." She knew that somehow he was aware of more than her brief boat trip on the Sacramento River Delta.

After her NDE, Martha's entire life changed and the blissful energy stayed with her for some time. Martha could see auras around others and in nature. Spiritual gifts, she'd had in childhood, opened to her even more. She didn't talk much about it because others were uncomfortable with her story or didn't understand. This was before the term near-death experience had even become known.

The longing to share the divine spirit she experienced during her NDE, led her, in the years that followed, on an inner journey of spiritual practice that included ministerial training through the Unity Church and a private counseling practice as a spiritual medium, angelic messenger, and energetic healer for humans and animals.

Martha described her NDE visions of the future in the NBC television documentary entitled "Ancient Prophecies III." Here is how she described them:

"Basically, I saw that there was a 20 year period from 1992 to 2012. Things will be greatly accelerated on Earth. All these things will be manifest by great Earth changes: earthquakes, floods, tidal waves, great winds. I also saw there were certain areas that would be particularly affected - the areas of the east coast, which will be a surprised regarding earthquakes. (She saw cement rubble in NYC and now wonders if she was seeing the events of 9/11). I remember very clearly Japan slipping into the ocean. I was shown there was going to be something akin to three days of darkness. I don't feel it is from nuclear war. To me, it was more of a feeling of natural Earth disasters with smoke from volcanoes that would block the sun. We are all going to be on a roller-coaster ride, and yet, it is not forever. If we have darkness, it will pass. We will always have great light." - Martha Anne St. Claire.

Martha Anne St. Claire, female

Was 23 years old when the NDE occurred

Cause of a clinical death: an accident during a water-skiing


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