Howard Storm's NDE

NDE occurred while Howard Storm was on a holiday in France, in 1985.

I thought I have been shot. And it was most excruciating pain in a center of my abdomen. I was just panicked, full of fear... I couldn't think at all.

The doctor that came to the hotel and the two doctors that examined me in the emergency room at the hospital, all said the same thing that this was a very critical situation and if I didn't have a surgery within an hour – I would die.

They didn't give me any medication whatsoever, no treatment whatsoever. I was beginning  to fear that I was not gonna make it after a few hours. After 6 or 7 hours I had a very strong feeling that I was not gonna make it. And after 10 hours I knew I wasn't gonna make it.

And I said to my wife it's time for us to say goodbye.

I looked at the bed and I saw myself. Lying in a bed. And I got horrified cause I knew that it was not possible. Because I didn't believe in life after death, I didn't believe in God, I didn't believe in heaven and hell. I mean I REALLY didn't believe it. I heard people calling me from outside the room and they were saying, "Howard, Howard, hurry up... you're gonna come with us... it's time now...!". I assumed that it must have been hospital personnel coming to take me and have my surgery. And they didn't deny it, and they didn't confirm that either. As I walked with these people I became increasingly aware that something was very wrong. These people were getting more and more aggressive, cruel to me. All that I wanted to do then – was to get away from them. It's getting darker and darker. They were circling around me and there was nowhere where to escape from them. And they were scratching, pushing, pulling at me, and began biting at me. So I was starting to yell and scream with pain. And they thought that was really funny and they really liked that a lot. And more that they did it – the better they liked it. It was worse and worse and worse... to totally tear me apart, not only physically but psychologically, emotionally.

In that place I heard a voice which sounded like my voice to pray to God. But I didn't believe in God. And I said the second time, "Pray to God!". And I tried to remember how to pray. And mention of God pushed them away from me. Pushed them back and back into darkness. So I just kept at it, kept at it as if it burnt them. They simply retreated into the darkness. All of them were gone. And I was all alone in that place. Left in my physical pain, my emotional pain, self pity, and concerning my whole life... like what was the point of ever living to end up like this. I really never did accomplish anything significant and now I end up in this place of torment. Was I was ever born? And in that state of like complete hopelessness I recalled myself as a little child. And what so especially powerful about it, - it was that, that child whom I had been 30 years before, believed in something other than himself, believed into something greater than himself. And in that complete despair, pain and hopelessness, a small light appeared and got brighter and brighter and brighter, and I felt this brightness reached down and picked me up. And I was like all healed, and full of this most wonderful physical ecstasy. And it called another angels around us. And showed me affects that I had on other people, how I hurt other people and I thought to myself "I'm a scum, I don’t belong here, they made a mistake". And for the first time He spoke to me and said, "We don't make mistakes, you do belong here".

That's the end of Howard Storm's NDE. Howard Storm was sent back to earth.


Before the NDE

My wife and my children feared me. Sometimes I was fun, sometimes I used a lot of threats. I used a lot of rage to get my way. That was the bottom line all the time... - to get my way. My will to prevail.

After the NDE

I feel like I died and was born again. My wife said, that on that day I died and a person that came out of this experience was a complete stranger to her. And I feel that way, that I was given a new life. There is no doubt in my mind that I went to hell. I know what I experienced and I know it wasn't the dream and I know that there is a conscious existence beyond this world, outside this world. If you want you can call it another dimension, or you wanna call it the supernatural world, or you wanna call it heaven and hell, - there is the life beyond this life. And we will reap the reward of suffer the consequences of what we have done with this life.

Howard Storm, male

Was 38 years old when the NDE occurred

Cause of a clinical death: illness


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