Dave Thaler, male

Was 41 years old when the NDE occurred

Cause of a clinical death: heart attack


Dave Thaler's NDE

My experience happened on a normal week night. I came home from work, ate, sat in front of the TV until bed time. I went to bed at the normal time. I do not recall any dreams before the experience, and have no knowledge of when the experience started.

My first memory has me looking down and viewing my body from above sleeping on the bed. I did not sense a thread of connection, just like someone was watching me sleep, and that person was me! I remember being elated at this sense of freedom I felt, and a sense of peace that I had never felt before. Involuntarily, I was floating ever so slowly higher. I was worried my body lying on the bed might not survive while I floated outside it, but noticed how peaceful I appeared, and began to then bring my awareness to my surroundings.

The next thing I remember - I was outside my apartment, floating just above the pine trees that grace the front yard. I began to sense how vibrant my surroundings were, but was not yet aware of a connection to anything. I was who I usually was, yet felt different.

I noticed a couple walking past the apartment with their dog, and yelled out to them hello. To my surprise and shock they stopped and looked up to where I was. I could sense their fear, and as I did they took off. They ran down to the next intersection, turned right, ran up to the next street, turned right and went up to the third house and ran inside it and slammed the door. I remember watching this whole thing happen and at the same time laughing at what I was seeing. I also remember thinking since their backyard and ours almost met, what were they going to think when they saw me again in my backyard. This for some reason made me laugh even harder.

After that episode I was higher in the sky now, I kept turning around to have a glimpse of my body, and every time I did it was like my body was still right beside me, yet since I was now floating several thousand feet in the air, I could not understand how this was occurring, but was comforted nonetheless by the fact that my body felt close to me.

The higher I went, I noticed more clarity, everything was vibrating, the colours more beautiful, I could sense a common connection. The air seemed to be without pollution and was crystal clean. I marvelled at the clarity of my sight. As I was floating slowly higher, I began to notice events happening below me. I noticed a couple smooching on a park bench. As I looked at them, I became part of them and sensed their love and sensed that they are doing what they should be doing at this point, which was being in the park and doing exactly what they were doing. Uncanny.

My thoughts left the couple and heard a dog barking. In that instant i became a witness to the dog, and his partner having fun in an alley. I could sense the feelings and thoughts of the dog.

I remember thinking if I could do this, I always wondered what a tree sensed. The next thought had me being a tree and feeling what a tree felt. My next thought was of a blade of grass, and I was now sensing what a blade of grass felt. It was indescribable. Every emotion I wanted to feel, I felt. Every think I wanted to sense an emotion from, I did. I could not believe how easy it was to do. The higher I got, the better the connection. I recall looking at the beauty of the stars, and how they too were part of connection with everything.

I was now high enough that I could see forever. Everything came into focus.

I remember looking down at the streets and seeing cars driving down the road, their headlights leading the way, similar to how it is viewed from an airplane.

From time to time I would bring my body back into focus and turn around, and it felt like I was still 2 feet above my body back in my apartment.

I approached a boundary between where the earths atmosphere and space began, and worried myself whether I could still breathe if I floated into space.

I remember feeling the notion of continuing into space, and was prepared to let go of that insecurity. I decided to look back at my body one more time for reassurance, and noticed that my body was no longer close, but now was a distant spec and I was connected to it by a purple thread. I remember looking at that thread and became very worried that it would break in the wind (which was calm) but worried that the wind would pick up and then i could not get back.

I began to fight to get back closer, but not into, my body for I wanted the experience to continue, but wanted my body closer.

As I began to fight, I sensed a thought. I can not discern whether someone talked to me, but it felt like a conversation, without words being spoken. I was told that I can come home, IF I WISH, for my mission is complete. All my thoughts flooded to my mother, whom I could not leave. Since my sisters passing, if I were to pass on as well, she would be alone. I remember communicating that to the voice(?), and was told(?) not to worry, that she will have lots of love and support. I could not come to leave her alone and communicated that.

In that instant of thought, I was bolt upright in my bed, covered in sweat, and fighting to re-fill my lungs with oxygen. I hyperventilated for several minutes while my breath came back to me. I remember getting up and felt exhilaration and sadness at the same time. I was back. The clock radio beside my bed read 2:47 am. I went to bed at 11pm. I have no idea how long the experience lasted.

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