Andy, male

Was 20-30 years old when the NDE occurred

Cause of a clinical death: unexplained phenomena


Andy's NDE

Early in August 1993, I was walking on my way to work. When all of a sudden, I was hit and swamped by a massive tidal-like force (like jumping into a swimming pool). Shouting in shock and surprise. It felt like I had been hit by an invisible energy tidal wave and left at the bottom of an invisible energy sea. The instant that the wave hit, it felt like a pair of invisible energy hands were cupping my brain from above and below, and gently pressing the two hemispheres of my brain together.

The two halves of my brain felt like two hemispheres of water that were jelling and blending together into one sphere. All of a sudden my brain jelled and exploded into an infinitely bright, infinitely white, infinitely loving, all knowing, divine light! My mind went totally and absolutely crystal clear. Clearer than I could ever have imagined. Every negative thought that I had ever felt had simply ceased to exist.

The infinite cleansing divine white light energy then automatically released from my head and flooded down my body, arms and legs. Walking along I felt truly invincible! It felt like my head had been instantly removed and replaced by all universes of universes everywhere! My mind stretched infinitely in all directions. I was "one" with all of existence. I "was" all of existence!

It felt like I had a "Black Hole" in the centre of my back and a corresponding "White Hole" in my stomach, sucking all energy in existence through my body and pouring it out into the universe! I was immortal! I was God! It felt like I had been alive infinitely. All of which I had forgotten! This is "Heaven"! Heaven is infinitely more exciting vibrant and alive than (so called) life on Earth.

I could not see any ethereal people or dwellings, I just felt unlimited unconditional universal love returned to me by everyone who had ever lived! (I began thinking about my parents and partner, and if I died, then they would be heartbroken. But what would seem like a lifetime of grief to them, would only seem like an instant in time for me, until we could be together again eternally. For some reason I was being given the choice to go - die, or stay - live. I decided immediately that I could not leave them alone. I wanted to tell the whole world about my experience).

Twelve minutes after my experience began, it began to fade. I said to myself "Oh no! Please don't go!" But it went! Everything turned back to normal (to abnormal!). I was absolutely devastated that my experience had ended.

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