Mary Deason’s NDE

It happened in 2011. I went in for a routine c-section. I had already had 2 c-sections with zero problems in years past, so why would this time be different? I had a beautiful little girl 5lbs 11oz. I went to sleep off the anesthesia and wait to hold my baby... That didn't happen this time. I will be honest and tell you most of that day is a blur and my husband told me what all we went through. Very soon after surgery I started passing massive amounts of blood and large clots. 1st attempt to stop the bleeding was to basically clog my uterus with a balloon type instrument and gauze. They tried this for a few hours but the clots just kept pouring out. The doctor would push on my abdomen with all his weight and massage my stomach. It was so painful, they had to keep me on Morphine the entire day. This painful "massage" (doctor pushing with all his weight) went on all day off and on until around midnight so around 11 hours. They then tried to put a "cement" type substance through my groin area. That didn't work. This whole day I was having my entire blood supply replenished along with platelets. Around midnight they decided to do a hysterectomy to save my life. I had lost too much blood and on my way to the surgery room, I coded. I had no recollection of anything prior to surgery... I don't remember them deciding or telling me they opted for surgery. I don't remember saying bye or anything to my husband. What I remember next though is crisp and clear 2 years later.

I woke up and looked around. I couldn't move and images were blurred. I could hear and barely see the doctors standing over me... It as then I knew I was in surgery. Blacked out for a bit or don't remember but next I wake up again but this time I'm hovering in the corner of the room. I never made out a face on the body, but I could see a body and the surgeons standing over me and working. I could hear them talking, although I don't remember what they were saying. I realized I was dying. I remembered at this point that I had just given birth to a baby and that I had 2 older children who were waiting for me to get out of surgery and that all 3 children needed me desperately. This whole time I had the most unforgettable yet unexplainable in words warmth throughout my body. Never felt so comfortable in my life. The doctors faded quickly and I was surrounded by the brightest light. Nothing else around me but light. It was an off white or maybe eggshell color. It wasn't a tunnel, but I was moving or floating through the warm light. It was the best feeling that I'm positive can not be felt in our bodies. I wasn't scared about what was happening at all but I was clear minded enough to remember my children. I started praying to God to "Please let me live... I need to be with my children... My children need me!". I repeated this over and over and over... It felt like hundreds of times. I don't remember anything else until the next morning. The doctors came in and I told them that I almost died and they laughed and said it was just the medicine used in surgery. I know for a fact that it wasn't just medicine. I rerun the experience in my head constantly and feel blessed to be given a second chance with my family.

Mary Deason, female

Was 34 years old when the NDE occurred

Cause of a clinical death: during the surgery


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