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Anonymous’s NDE

It was fall of 1983. My dad died that august past. I was drinking heavy, became very ill with pneumonia. I could not breath well, but it did not stop me from partying…

As I lay down in my bed I stopped breathing... I could see the ceiling and then darkness. I don’t know how much time elapsed but I found my spirit in a corner, looking down on my body… people were working on me, pounding my chest, using breathing bags, but I had this overwhelming peace. It was like I was lifted on a cloud. No pain, no worries, nothing but a feeling of relief and love... As they wheeled me out of the house, something or someone spoke to me, like a whisper in my ear but it was a choice... They said I had to go back now, but I was resisting. I was happy, the light was relief and beautiful. The freedom was a sense of exhilaration... I was finally free of everything… pain, bills, drugs. But the voice still insisted it was time to go... I asked, but all they whispered was “that it was not time yet” and “you have things to do, people to help…”

The next thing I remember was being in intensive care in the hospital, waking up with machines down my throat, and intense pain. After a month or so I was released. I never told anyone about what happened till I fully recovered... I was afraid they would lock me up in the loony-bin. I only shared this experience with very close family.

Anonymous, male (this person didn’t want any of his personal data to be published)

Cause of a clinical death: illness



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