Irene McMahom's NDE

When Irene experienced NDE due to a lack of oxygen, strangulation, she found herself in a place of blackness, voidness, emptiness and darkness. She started to feel fear and was in full consciousness. Irene was aware of her death, thinking how others would react to her death. She reminds having real emotions, yet slightly being numb.

Then she faced a Light, which was white, filled with warmth, love, knowledge. Irene felt being embraced, loved. She noticed being in a different life-form or body, which was painless and weightless.

Irene was scared to move or look at her body or to what was lifting her up to the light. She had this fear cause she knew her neck was involved in her death and she was too scared to move her head or neck to see if she had a body.

When Irene thought of looking down, behind her, she moved at the speed of sound and it terrified her. So Irene froze and stayed in a tight firm position.

Black shadow came fast from the left, landed on her. Then the image of her mum appeared, a very serious looking image. Irene couldn’t make it out, why was mum looking at her like that.

Later on the image changed, mother moved to the back of the room, with her brother standing behind her to the left, both looking at Irene seriously. Irene panicked, she understood that she was not ready to die, and that she wanted to live.

At this point image went to flip, and then that black place appeared again. She thought she had been judged in some way and she got sent back to the black place. She became angry about it.

Later Irene noticed that she was back into her physical body. She felt like she was given a new chance and that she was sent back for a reason.

Irene McMahom, female

Was 25 years old when the NDE occurred

Cause of a clinical death: lack of oxygen, strangulation


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